Less effort on sourcing from both China and worldwide

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Top choice for 520,000+ sellers from worldwide, CJ Dropshipping help to find the best supplier who can offer better products at a good price. Free fulfillment centers in China, the US, and Europe. Fast to door delivery. New product design & production.

CJ Dropshipping

Get to know CJ Dropshipping

Founded by Andy Chou (CEO) and his team in 2014, CJ Group has served over 520,000 sellers worldwide for 7 years. Now CJ has 7 warehouses in China, the US, and Europe, and CJ cooperates with suppliers all around the world, so CJ can help to source worldwide and fulfill worldwide with fast shipping.

With a professional team formed of 845 dedicated employees, CJ helps entrepreneurs to create and grow their businesses with ease. CJ is always available and you can take CJ as your 24/7 business partner.

CJ  are an all-in-one dropshipping solution provider

CJ Dropshipping offers products at a lower price, wholesale, preorder inventory, order fulfillment, product sourcing, global warehouses, quality inspection, efficient delivery...... No Setup Fee. No Monthly Fee. No Storage Fee. No Minimum Order.

CJ Dropship Millions of Products

CJ has 100k+ cooperated factories located in Yiwu Market. CJ can source and provide most products on the market at competitive prices. CJ's professional customer-oriented team aims to comfort customers with the latest product trends.

CJ Stock for You

CJ has 100k+ cooperated factories and global warehouses. Factories direct supply goods, offering a large variety of products at a low price without the warehousing cost. Besides, you may preorder inventory in CJ warehouses to shorten processing time to 24 hours.

CJ Make Quality Check for You

Customer satisfaction is CJ's top priority. CJ inspects every product before packing them to make sure products reach their destination safely. 99.9% of final customers have a good purchasing experience.

CJ Source for You

Sourcing offers a solution when you can't find the product you want to sell. You can post product sourcing requests on the CJ platform, after which the CJ team will carefully review your request and find the product for you in 48 hours.

CJ Fulfill for You

You can order only 1 item. The fastest processing time is 24 hours after the payment is received. Additionally, CJ offers wholesale fulfillment for you. You can wholesale products from China, the US, and other warehouses at a favorable price. CJ can ship products to you.

CJ Ship for You

CJPacket is a shipping method that works as an alternative to ePacket shipping or other specialty lines. The average delivery time to the USA is less than 8 days. Besides, overseas warehouses are available with domestic shipping which has a delivery time of 2-4 days normally.

CJ Guide You

Global mentors are ready for you to instruct your dropshipping business. They teach you to step by step and guide you from a newbie to a successful drop shipper. Start your business on the shoulders of giants!

CJ fulfills orders for over 524,914 sellers worldwide

CJ Dropshipping Reviews

CJ Dropshipping Reviews
Luseta Jewels

I have worked with CJDropshipping for many years. My agent, Yuki has been an excellent source for anything we need. Price adjustments, better shipping, new products that need sourcing, etc... Having monthly phone calls has helped ensure our vision is aligned and our business needs are met.

Jump Shaper

I used to use Oberlo connected to AliExpress. But after starting using CJ my life has become so much easier. Great system, great service, good prices and awesome shipping. love it!

CJ Dropshipping Reviews
Luis Espinal

I've been using CJ for about a year now and all their agents are very helpful! The agent Nikki Zhang its one of the best ones1!


My agent Nikki Zhang from CJ Drop Shipping helped me with questions I had with my store. She responded quickly to my queries.

CJ Dropshipping Reviews
Josbin Jose

i have been using CJDropshipping for the past 2 years and never had a problem, they always provided fast shipping and top support to my business. Also thankful for my agent Joanna.

Daniela Fuentes

Martin Mao is a good agent, fast and efficient attention. He solves all the doubts and solves any situation related to the orders and the cj platform. It has been very helpful and gives a lot of security and peace of mind knowing that I have an agent who helps me with everything.

Sourcing Products

You can search it simply by the product name to see if your product exists at CJ. If not, please just post a sourcing request to CJ. CJ will find the product for you in 48 hours.

Products Listing

More than 777,140 products are ready for you. The listing feature helps to import product details, including description (specification, weight, inventory) and photos from CJ to your store. The List button is situated below product details on every product page.

Integration with CJ

Many stores can be integrated with CJ easily, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Shopee, Lazada, Etsy, Wix, Squarespace, Magento, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, etc.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Orders from your store will be pulled into your CJ account automatically after store authorization and product connection. Find them in Imported Orders > Orders.

Automatic Connection Feature

Product connection makes a connection between your products and CJ products to let CJ know what to fulfill when you have ordered.

Bulk Dropshipping Orders by EXCEL/CSV

For users without any authorized stores, you can use the Import Excel Orders button. The system will calculate the amount itself. You are able to download tracking numbers anytime you like.


CJ offers wholesale services. You can order a bulk of items on CJ Dropshipping at attractive prices, and CJ will ship them to your company or warehouse. Besides, you can store them in CJ warehouses to facilitate order processing.

Shipping Cost Calculation and Shipment Tracking

A free tool to calculate the shipping price for any available shipping methods. Meanwhile, many famous world postal services (USPS, DHL, PostNL, ePacket, etc.) and special delivery services – CJPacket are available on CJ.

CJ Dropshipping work with giants

CJ Dropshipping is a partner to more than 50 biggest companies/brands in the industry, including top eCommerce marketplaces, logistics providers, and sourcing plugins. This enables CJ to access innumerable product listings, faster shipping times with cheaper prices, and seamless platform integration.
CJ Dropshipping

The future of eCommerce: Dropshipping 2.0

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that a seller doesn’t keep the products he sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases the item from a third-party supplier and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

The pros of this model are that beginners do not need much start-up capital, and the risk is low, so it’s easy for beginners to start a business. But the cons are obvious, uncontrollable inventory, unstable quality, long shipping time, which may lead to unhappy customers, and your business is hard to scale up. So here comes the Dropshipping 2.0.

What is Dropshipping 2.0

To cover the cons of traditional dropshipping, here CJ offers a much better solution called Dropshipping 2.0. The core solution of Dropshipping 2.0 is pre-stock to local/domestic warehouses to avoid long shipping times and uncertain quality.

Benefits of Dropshipping 2.0:

  • China is not the only choice to source products from, can source from top countries worldwide.
  • Rapid fulfillment time(in 24h) and shipping time(3-7days) shipped from the local warehouse.
  • Branding your business with Print on Demand and custom packaging service.
  • Keep the inventory under control.
  • Take good control of product quality.
  • Win happy customers coming back again and again.
Start your business with CJ Dropshipping

Simple, fast 




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Lifetime Acces
  • Acces to All Modules
  • Immediate Start
  • One-on-one dedicate agent

How CJ can help with your eCommerce business?

Product Sourcing

Shipping to Door

Print on Demand

Sample Customization

New product Design & Production

Custom Packaging & Private Label

Quality Inspection

Factory Inspection

Professional Photography


Production Follow up

Orders Automation


How to Work with CJ Dropshipping?

a. Create a CJ account and verify your email.

b. Authorize your store on CJ.

c. Find the products you need and list them.

d. Sync your store orders to CJ and make payments.

Or you can place orders manually or via excel sheets as well as wholesale orders.

e. Get tracking information: Please go to My CJ > Orders > Orders Fulfillment - Processing/Dispatched > Tracking Number. Then you can track your parcel after entering the tracking number on CJ Packet Tracking.

Add-on Services You May Need

Except for normal order fulfilling and shipping services, CJ also offers many Add-on services for you to boost your business.

Those services include:
1. Winning product recommendation.
2. Video & photo shooting.
3. Customized packaging.
4. POD service (Print on Demand)

How to Connect Your Shopify Store to CJ?

There are two ways to connect your Shopify store to CJ:

1. Install Shopify APP: CJdropshipping on Shopify APP Store.

2. Authorize Your Store Manually.

How to Connect WooCommerce by OAuth Plugin?

WooCommerce can be well-integrated with CJ, and you're allowed to authorize your store on CJ by default. Moreover, it's viable to authorize your store with OAuth Plugin. After the authorization, you'll be able to list products to your store and import orders to CJ.

How to Post a Sourcing Request on CJ?

You can post a sourcing request if you cannot find your desired products or matched results for your store products, which is one of the most vital services CJ can provide. Once successfully sourced, you can connect and list the sourced result to your store. Sourcing requests will be handled within 24 hours.

All the Possible Fees to Work with CJ

Free of Charge:

1. Setup fee/Monthly fee;

2. Sourcing request.

3. Product listing and connection.

4. Product photos and videos.

5. Product recommendations (report).

6. Storage for CJ products.

7. Order synchronization and creation.

8. Order tracking and notification.

9. Quality check for products from CJ.

10. Global warehouses.

11. 24/7 customer service.

12. Free courses about dropshipping.

What CJ charge:

1. Your private inventory.

2. Processing fees and warehousing fees for fulfillment service.

3. Request for more sourcing limits.

4. Videos and images shooting service.

5. Custom packaging;

6. IOSS handling fee if you declare with CJ's IOSS.

Global Warehouses

CJ is always devoted to offering global products source and warehouses for dropshippers. Meanwhile, more and more warehouses have cooperated with CJ. They are known as CJ Supplier Warehouses. Let's have a brief introduction to them.

There are 29 warehouses for you. Respectively, they are Thailand Warehouse, US Warehouse, Germany Warehouse, Indonesia Warehouse, Australia Warehouse, Japan Warehouse, Canada Warehouse, Mexico Warehouse, India Warehouse, Brazil Warehouse, Russia Warehouse, Britain Warehouse, Singapore Warehouse, Malaysia Warehouse, France Warehouse, Czechia Warehouse, Uganda Warehouse, Romania Warehouse, Pakistan Warehouse, Vietnam Warehouse, Philippines Warehouse, Laos Warehouse, Cambodia Warehouse, Saudi Arabia Warehouse, UAE Warehouse, Spain Warehouse, Italy Warehouse, Chile Warehouse, and New Zealand Warehouse.

How to Return Dropshipping Orders to CJ?

Here are the general steps of returning products:

1. Go to My CJ > Orders > Disputes > Return;

2. Setting > Fill in a store link and upload a store image;

3. Send the return link to your customer;

4. Order Number and Email are requisite.

To avoid additional time or extra shipping costs, CJ suggest you contact your agent first.

How Long Does It Take to Refund and Withdraw?

1. Refund from a dispute.

Note: When you open a dispute, the dispute will be handled and reviewed by CJ dispute team, and a refund will not be approved unless an agreement is reached upon negotiation between you and the dispute team, so please make sure that you don't forget to respond to CJ dispute team to facilitate the process of your refund.

2. Refund due to insufficient inventory.

Your order will be canceled if the CJ procurement team realizes that the supplier is unable to replenish anytime soon, and a refund will be made right away without any disput

What Payment Methods Are Available Now?

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer (T/T)
  • Pay with Credit Card
  • Pay with CJ Wallet and combined payment
  • Payoneer
  • Payssion
  • WeChat Pay
  • Sofort
  • iDEAL
  • Boleto
  • Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products.
    We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.